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Smart Code Reviews

Perform context-aware code reviews and receive automated suggestions for optimizing your code. This ensures early detection of logical errors, syntax issues, and deviations from best practices, enabling you to build robust and secure software.

Context Awareness
Comprehensive error detection
Intelligent code optimization

Why customers love Kaizen

Seamless Integration

With popular development environments and CI/CD pipelines

Increased Data Privacy

Compared to enterprise LLMs, our custom models are not trained on user data, allowing for a maximum of data privacy

Continuous Improvement

True to its name, Kaizen learns from each interaction, becoming smarter and more effective

Open Source Flexibility

We invite contributions from the global developer community to accelerate innovation

One Click Generation

Generate tests and perform code reviews with a single click by simply providing your source code or URL

No Data Retention

We store LLM logs for 3 days solely for debugging purposes. We do not use this data for training or any other purpose.

Convenient Q&A Support

Tag @cloud-code-ai with a question, right from a GitHub comment or use our integrated live chat

Python, JS/TS

The platform currently supports Python, JavaScript and TypeScript models.

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Hobby plan is free forever.
No credit card required

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